Edificio archivo histórico Antequera

Antequera Municipal Archive

The Collections of the Municipal Historical Archive of Antequera are in the building of the former Depot of the Town. It is a construction placed in the so named Cuesta de Barbacana whose façade also overlooks the Nájera street. The floor is in “L” form, with a useful area of 816.23 square meters which are separated into three large perfectly defined spaces:

The Large Warehouse: it is the spaced aimed to hold the main volume of collections. It is a mix installation with conventional and compact shelves.
The Bread-bin. In this room with wooden shelves, it is mainly held the collections of ecclesiastical origin and the municipal town hall minutes. In addition, there are display cases with significant documents of the Antequera town.

The Major-domo House. This is the area for the administrative services and the ample researchers’ room.
The perfect internal organization of the whole facilitates its operation and guarantees the best maintenance of the collections. It is one of the building-archive more modern in Andalucía.


Cuesta Barbacana, 6
Antequera 29200, Málaga
Telephone: (+34) 952 70 81 52


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