Gastronomy & Tradition

In Antequera

The culinary inheritance from the many people and cultures which have been settled in our lands turns it into one of the most varied and richest of Andalucía. Our gastronomy mixes tradition and passion for the products locally grown in our fertile Vega (lowland), mainly grains, legumes, vegetables, and its excellent olive oil.

Salmorejo de Antequera

Gastronomy and tradition

When we savour a traditional Antequera dish, we are not just consuming a product but a little bit of history. That is the case of the traditional porra antequerana, a kind of sick gazpacho, whose name is after the ”porra” (pestle) used by farmers to ...

Bares y restaurantes

Bars and restaurants in Antequera

There are a great variety of bars and restaurants in Antequera and dependent villages where you will enjoy from the most traditional food to the most avant-garde one by the hands of professionals who will offer you many unforgettable experiences for ...