Iglesias de Antequera

Churches route

The Route through the churches of Antequera offers us the opportunity of seeing part of the treasures of our town at the same time as we learn something about its culture.

Antequera is the town with more churches per habitant, with a total of 33 churches. As the town is in a crossroads it become a point of interest for many religious orders which, after the Conquest, decided to settle down here. That is one of the reasons of our great historical heritage.

Expert agree when pointing out some of the religious jewels of our town, such as the church of the Monastery of San Zoilo, the oldest one of the town, and the El Carmen church as an example of the Andalucía Baroque style.

Through this route, you will visit 10 churches that keep the religiosity for which they were constructed centuries ago; besides, they treasure art in several artistic styles, being considered as real living museums:

  1. San Sebastian church
  2. Basílica de Santo Domingo
  3. Santa María de Jesús church
  4. El Carmen church
  5. Convento de Belén
  6. Real Monasterio de San Zoilo
  7. San Pedro Parish church
  8. Convento de la Santísima Trinidad
  9. San Juan de Dios church
  10. Convento de San Agustín

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