Familia haciendo ruta 120 minutos

The town in 120 minutes

If you do not have much time but cannot resist seeing the best town of the world, we recommend a very practical and complete route to discover the Antequera centre. In addition, it is the perfect route to take the children.
Check the free parking areas near the route starting point in the following map:

The walk starts in the central Plaza de San Luis square with a route of less than 800 meters. We are sure you will not have enough mobile data to immortalise the beauty of each corner.

  1. Plaza de San Luis square (Monument to Capitán Moreno)
  2. San Juan de Dios church
  3. Los Remedios church
  4. Antequera Town Hall
  5. San Agustín church
  6. Plaza de San Agustín square ((Monument to Holy Week’s Fraternities)
  7. “Art without time” sculpture
  8. San Sebastian church
  9. Milestone Andalucía Kilometer zero
  10. Museum of the Antequera Town

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