Excavaciones peña de los enamorados Antequera

News | The Antequera’s Major confirms the discovery of a new Megalithic monument

The Major of Antequera, Mr Manolo Barón, and the Delegated Deputy Majors for Historic Heritage, Mrs Ana Cebrián, and for World Heritage, Mr Juan Rosas, confirm the discovery in our municipality of what, up to now, it seems a non-identified megalithic monument. The news is known within the work of the experts from the Seville University who are carrying out searches in our municipality about the Antequera Megalithic Complex.

It is a very old megalithic monument whose location is not made public to keep the safety of the place as regards the research works being carried out as well as to avoid potential harmful actions which may damage them. This monument would be part of a sacred space for the Neolithic communities settled in our area before the Menga Dolmen was constructed.

Thanks to the new data found in the discovery and studios, we will also reach a better understanding of the processes leading to the Menga creation besides explaining its peculiar and pioneering orientation. The general purpose is to date more exactly the documented Neolithic activity in our municipality by applying methods of scientific dating such as radiocarbon and optically stimulated luminescence. In addition, we will get a better understanding of the existing society and environment in the time when Menga was constructed.

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