El Tornillo en Torcal de Antequera


The area known as Torcal Alto (high) contains the most spectacular karst formations of the landscape. Here, the shapes of the rocks are so amazing that they have become popular by themselves: El Sombrerillo (small hat), El Cáliz (chalice), El Dado (dice), El Adelantado (the advanced one) or El Tornillo (screw), being the latter one awarded as Natural Monument for its original aspect which has turn it into a whole symbol of what this rock town offers and means.

In the Torcal Alto we will also find the two free-access marked routes: the Green Route (average-low difficulty) and Yellow Route (average difficulty). Both routes start at the parking area, very close to the Visitor Centre, and they go across many passages among amazing rock formations which will make your imagination run wild.

In the surrounding area of these two routes, visitors can also enjoy panoramic views from some viewpoints, such as Las Ventanillas (small windows) from where, in clear days, it is possible to see the African Continent.

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