Busto perro Ajax en Glorieta Rojas Pérez

Parque Glorieta Rojas Pérez

It is a new garden area devoted to the most famous dogs in the world, with illustrative panels explaining the story of each one of them: Lassie, a cinema star; Snoopy, the pet of one generation; Laika, the astronaut lady dog; Pipper, the most influencer traveller dog; Ajax, the bravest dog; Hachiko, the most loyal dog; Pancho, the lucky dog; and Roselle and Salty, dog heroes. The purpose of this space remodelling is that, both adults and children, get to know how important those considered as the “best friend of human” are. At the top of the hill, we find the bust of Ajax, a masterpiece devoted to the dog who, in 2009, prevented an ETA terrorist attack in the Balearic town of Palmanova.

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