La Peña de los enamorados (Lovers' Rock)


A unique symbol in the Antequera skyline; focus of legends and witness of the history of Antequera.


The Rock

Limestone rock

800 m high






Heritage Since 2016

The Peña de los Enamorados, a prominent natural formation of great cultural significance, stands in La Vega de Antequera (lowland) over 878 meters high. It has been awarded as World Heritage together with El Torcal and the Antequera Dolmens. This limestone rock, an icon of the Antequera landscape, has a peculiar morphology as it reminds the profile a lying face looking at the sky. The name comes from a legend of late Middle Age about the impossible love between two young people during the last stage of the Muslim domination.


A hopeless love

According to the popular legend, the daughter of the major of the neighbouring village of Archidona, Tazgona, and Tello, a Christian boy, fall deeply in love. However, they had to keep their relationship in secret because the race and religious diff ...

Fotografía nocturna Pena de lo enamorados

A unique and exceptional value

Once of the peculiarities of the Peña de los Enamorados is the close link with Menga, the sole Dolmen in the continental Europe facing an anthropomorphic mountain; reason by which it was awarded a UNESCO World Heritage. In concrete, the Menga’s cent ...

fotógrafa con fondo peñón de los enamorados Antequera

Your best selfies

The Peña de Los Enamorados is not famous just because the legend after which is named but also because the curious profile looking like the face of a lying man. Some people even assures that it is the head of a Indian looking at the sky and, from th ...