In motion

Antequera gives you a wide range of possibilities to be discovered, whether with your friends, workmates, or family. We promise that you will fall in love with Antequera, its streets and squares, churches, gastronomy, monuments and people.

Here you will find out why Antequera is unique, and it is never visited just once.

Ruta por Antequera

Weekend World Heritage Route

In this route, we will see the assets awarded as UNESCO World Heritage: The Antequera Dolmens Site, the Peña de los Enamorados (Lovers’ Rock) and El Torcal, besides some of the most outstanding points of the town: ...

Iglesias de Antequera

Churches route

The Route through the churches of Antequera offers us the opportunity of seeing part of the treasures of our town at the same time as we learn something about its culture. Antequera is the town with more churches ...

Familia haciendo ruta 120 minutos

The town in 120 minutes

If you do not have much time but cannot resist seeing the best town of the world, we recommend a very practical and complete route to discover the Antequera centre. In addition, it is the perfect route to take the c ...

Fábrica textil Antequera

Former Textile Factories Route

Starting for the Antequera urban area, most part of the route goes next to La Villa River. The route includes a permanent exhibition called “The Textile Industry in Antequera” that aims to show the industrial activi ...

Cartel ruta de senderismo Antequera

Hiking Routes

If you love hiking, Antequera offers you many different routes for all ages to enjoy countryside. Here you will find three hiking routes of 4, 10 and 14 kilometres to enjoy the best views. Las Arquillas Trail (SL ...